Some of the posts that I read about sharia economic base analysis on the economic crisis United State of America (USA) vis a vis the economic rise of sharia this. Yes it is true. But do not punch a substance thought to the most fundamental economics. Namely the economic paradigm.

USA financial crisis must be read in the framework of economic fragility epistemology, which extol capitalism profit. Pured freedom of the market without any intervention that should be involved in rape and justice and distribution.

I prefer to use the term economic Islam (Islamic Economic) rather than economic sharia. Despite any substansinya same. But on the aspect of etymology, the term Islam means more universal, namely road safety. While sharia law is its meaning.

USA fundamen economic destruction should be the point behind the economic return for Islamic resurrection. In Indonesia, the Islamic economy is experiencing significant growth. This is supported by the Bank Mu’amalat on an 90-year accommodation that well by the president, Soeharto.

Entering the 2000’s, many banks that took part in a conventional unit sharia. Aspects of business, indeed arouse enough. Indonesian population is Muslim, which is very large. As a result, the growth of Sharia bank got a good place in society. So that developing good profitability.

In Europe is not a lot of conventional banks to open a syariah unit. But not the first proud, that is because they realize all of the values and paradigmatic! No. They (including those in Indonesia) as motiv more economic benefits only. While the fact remains capital. So this can be called sharia capitalism.

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