The Analysis of Business Revenue of Fisherman’s Light Fishing Boat in Selayar Regency


This study aim to know level of income and business profit of light fishing boat and the factors that affect the income of fisherman’s light fishing boat in Selayar District. The hypothesis is (1) estimated using fisherman’s light fishing boat fishing business profitable, (2) estimated operating revenues fisherman’s light fishing fishermen affected by the intensity factor to sea, business experience, family dependents, and total catches (production value).

This research uses descriptive analytical method. The sample used in this study is the fishermen who use fishing gear fisherman’s light fishing boat of 30 who were purposive selected. The analysis used is farm management analysis and multiple regression analysis.

The results showed that the fishing effort by fishermen using the boat in one period light fishing arrest financially beneficial to the average income of Rp 2.491.086 and the value of the RC ratio was 1.07. While the factors influencing income is the intensity of fishing boats at sea light fishing (X1), business experience (X2), family burden (X3), and total catches (X4).

Key words: Gross Income, Fisherman’s Light Fishing Boat

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